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Whether a landlord needs possession of the property or a tenant is not afforded their rights, Attorney Rosenbaum has extensive experience in housing matters. Attorney Rosenbaum has appeared at the District Court level and at the Housing Court as a zealous advocate for his clientele. At the Housing Court and in the Land Court, Attorney Rosenbaum has been appointed to serve as Guardian ad Litem to assist in individual housing choices, needs and options. Attorney Rosenbaum will work to realize your best outcome in any Landlord/Tenant matter.

The relationship between landlord and tenant may also involve negotiating a lease for a term of months or years. The specific needs involved for both parties in the lease are essential to avoid disagreement, confusion and delay. Similarly, termination or revision of a lease requires the experience afforded by Attorney Rosenbaum.

Contact Attorney Rosenbaum for a flat rate schedule available in Landlord/Tenant matters.
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